After a humble start in 2012, SSTL has grown into a formidable team who created Ghana's first satellite and opened the road to collaborations with many international key players in the space satellite field.


The Space Systems Technology Laboratory at All Nations University (ANU-SSTL), formerly known as Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory (ISSL), was established in February 2012 following a workshop held by the Electronics and Communications Engineering Department.

The workshop was part of ANU’s celebration of a decade of innovation, excellence and quality higher education, and was the first of its kind in Ghana and attracted many University scholars, researchers, and government representatives. SSTL's core team is made up of 5 members also supported by staff, students and faculty from ANU who are dedicated to championing and establishing Space Science research in Ghana and Africa.

The Lab is the first to ever succeed in designing & launching a CanSat, building an Amateur Radio Satellite Ground station which tracks and communicates with amateur radio satellites in orbit, including the International Space Station. In its latest development, SSTL has successfully built a Cube Satellite for Earth observation scheduled to be launched in June 2017.

  • Our Mission

    To promote and build human capacity in the area of Space Science and Satellite Technology through innovative research and development of educative projects to impact our society and Africa as a whole.


We have always been so curious about how things work and tried to find our way of doing it so we could inspire others to follow that. Now that we found our path, we are more focused on innovation and sustainability than ever before. We believe we can do it this way:


To lay down a foundation and advance a sustainable space programme by building human capacity in space Science and Satellite Technology in Ghana and Africa.


To advance knowledge in the entire process of satellite programme including mission planning, mission operation and mission disposal.


To research, design, build and integrate high performance educational miniature satellites such as Can-Sat, Hepta-Sat, Cube-Sat and Nano-Sat.


To research, design and build ground station for tracking and communicating with earth orbiting satellites such as Amateur Ground Stations.


To become a member of the International Ground Station Networks.


To establish a platform for international networks and collaboration with world renowned institutions for the advancement of space technology of the region.

The Innovators

We're a team of young innovators who love space

Curiousity and determination set us apart. We love to create and improve. We live to challenge and learn. ANU SSTL is the platform that enabled us to push boundaries and create paths that many yearn to be a part of.