Welcome to ANU SSTL. We're a team of young innovators set to conquer space to benefit humankind.

Our Projects

Watch the launch of GhanaSat-1

The Innovations

Our journey has been nothing short of sheer determination, laser focus and team effort...

After 4 years of continuous development and improvements, we are proud to present the most important projects to date. We believe this is the beginning of an amazing journey.

CanSat Development

The first step in the establishment of educational projects was the CANSAT program. The CANSAT is a miniature satellite, with components such as sensors, actuators, and GPS, housed inside a 500-ml Can [...]

Ground Station

The ANU-SSTL Amateur Ground Station was designed, developed and installed by the students of All Nations University in 2014 and has been licensed by the Ghana National Communication Authority [...]


A 1U experimental CubeSat, which weighs 1000 grams to be launched to an altitude of 400km above the earths surface sometime in early 2017, is currently under development by ANU-SSTL staff [...]

News Feed

GhanaSat-1 Project Leader Honored

The International Astronautic Federation (IAF) has conferred the 2017 Best Interactive Presentation Award to Mr Benjamin Bonsu, the leader of the GhanaSat-1 Project that launched Ghana’s first satellite into space on July 7, 2017. The award was given in recognition of his presentation on GhanaSat-1 and the current space activities in Ghana at the 68th …

2017 World Space Week

  The All Nations University College (ANUC), the institution that put Ghana on the world map following the successful launch of Ghana’s first satellite dubbed GhanaSat-1 into  the orbit in July this year, has trained hundreds of young girls in Space Technology as part of the 2017 World Space Week ,celebrated worldwide annually from October …

55th Session of the COPUOS STSC

IAF VP of International Relations and Outreach, Mr Sergey Krikalev, presenting the upcoming IAF events at the 55th Session of the COPUOS STSC, in Vienna – Austria     

The IAF is at the 13th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference

The IAF was at the 13th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference at Tel Aviv University. The theme of this year’s conference is “Remote Sensing in the New Era” discussing global topics to bring together governments and industries to benefit technological advancement in space and sustainable development. The first day of the conference included a unique panel, […]

Announcement – In Memoriam

Prof. Willibald Riedler, one of the founding fathers of space research in Austria and an active IAF member passed away on 24 January 2018 aged 85   Willibald Riedler was a Professor of Communications Technology at the Graz University of Technology and from 1975 – 1977 also President of the University. Since early childhood Willibald […]